Child Welfare Prevention

Discover a groundbreaking software solution uniquely designed for child welfare services. Our customizable case management platform is uniquely designed to address your challenges and drive better outcomes for children and families. Choose excellence in child welfare with Care4.

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Flexible and Configurable: Improving Compliance and Informed Decisions


A customizable platform that aligns with the unique needs and workflows of child welfare agencies, ensuring it meets specific practices and policies.

Integration with External Systems

Integrates with external systems such as electronic health records (EHR), APIs, and education databases to provide a holistic view of a child's well-being, improving efficiency and collaboration.

Mobile Accessibility

Providing social workers access to critical information and tasks in the field. This flexibility improves responsiveness and service delivery.

Security and Compliance

Child welfare services deal with sensitive and confidential information. Care4 prioritizes data security and compliance with regulations such as HIPAA and state-specific child welfare standards to protect the privacy of children and families.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Care offers powerful data analytics and reporting capabilities, enabling agencies to track trends, measure outcomes, and assess the effectiveness of their programs aiding agencies in continually improving their services.

Court Documentation

Child welfare cases often involve legal proceedings. Care4 enables agencies to generate court-ready documentation and reports, simplifying the process of providing accurate and up-to-date information to the court system.


A System That Wraps Around The Whole Child


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