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Care4 Software specializes in crafting flexible, contextualized case management solutions that align seamlessly with your organization's culture and needs. Our collaborative approach ensures our technology becomes an integral part of your journey to success.

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How CARE4 Can Help Organizations

Eliminate Paperwork with Customized Digital Forms: Care4 enables case managers to create tailored case documents and phases to meet the specific needs of each program, service, and client. 

  • Autofill forms based on case information
  • Send forms to clients through SMS
  • Supports filling a single form collection into multiple PDF’s
  • Provides Toggle Logic: toggle follow up questions based on user answers
  • Forms support real times charts and table data
  • Supports custom validations 

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Improve Team Collaboration: Care4 enhances communication between case managers, clients, and stakeholders with messaging tools and secure portals for case information and communication.

  • Supports Internal and External Referrals
  • Share cases across members and groups
  • Merge and Transfer cases 

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Streamline Case Plans: Care4’s comprehensive tracking of tasks and activities within client cases improves efficiency, communication, and accountability, leading to more client-centered care and effective monitoring of outcomes.

  • Includes scheduling, recording interactions, and setting reminders for follow-ups.
  • Map out timelines for services and documentation enhancing service delivery.
  • Divide Care4 TRAC system into measurable phases
  • Phases within TRAC system allows historical calculations on to better guide and measure outcomes
  • Measure phases for services and documents delivered within each time frame


Ensure Fidelity: Care4 enhances evidence-informed practices in behavioral and mental health care through our compliance features.

  • Measure and guide fidelity through customizable checklists, phases, and TRACs ensuring services adhere to best practices and guidelines.
  • Map required documentation to types of events and services to generate and assign to for completion.
  • Monitor documentation for completion.
  • Send out notifications for critical incidents types.
  • CQI reports ensure quality control relieves the burden of historical calculations.

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Reporting and Analytics: Care4 assists in tracking trends and measuring outcomes, aiding in assessing program effectiveness and improving services.

  • Access direct read only data through your SQL editor window
  • Build direct data pulls through the data tab 
  • Import data directly through automapping
  • Design beautiful Apache Echarts and tables within documents and dashboards 
  • Customize Care4 using Python
  • Supports ETL (Extract Transform and Load) to popular systems such as Snowflake, Azure and other data systems.


Security and Compliance: Care4 Software ensures confidentiality, regulatory adherence, and trust-building, providing a reliable platform for managing sensitive client information.

  • Prioritizes data security and adheres to HIPAA, FEDRamp, Two Factor Authentication and state-specific regulations.
  • Protects the privacy of children and families by ensuring confidential information remains secure. 
  •  Inactivity Account Locks 
  • All transactions are logged and can be audited by administrators