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Community Driven

Care4 is proud to be a community driven software company. This is reflected in our core values. Our continued mission is to make a software platform that makes our members' lives more productive. That means automating mundane work and providing timely information for key decisions. It also means working with others. Care4 is part of the next generation of cooperative software partners looking to improve health and human services.

Community Driven (2)-1
A framework others can build on.
Working with people is complicated. Working with software shouldn’t be.
Do It Once
Do It Once
Capture the data once. Use it again and again.
It's the first priority in creating great software.
Member Choice
Member Choice
No one should be locked into a system. Data and subscriptions should always be accessible.
User Experience
Simple, elegant, easy.


Our team members come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but one common theme is their track record of working with successful mission driven companies. They've given us the resources to optimize for the long term and we're thrilled to have them with us on this journey.

Julian King
Chief Executive Officer
Thomas Sexton
Chief Scientist Officer & Founder, Functional Family Therapy
Ken Whelan
Chief Revenue Officer
Adam Croutworst
Chief Technology Officer
Andrea O'Brien
Chief Financial Officer
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Matthew Sexton
Implementation Specialist & Project Manager
Aubree Smith
Implementation Specialist

Contributing Members

Our contributors have been crucial in helping Care4's journey in getting to where we are today.

len bickman
Leonard Bickman
Former Betts Chair and Professor of Psychology, Peabody College
randy provence
Randy Provence
Marketing Contributor & Board Member, Care4
Nadine Yuvienco
Implementation Specialist Contributor

Open Source for Evidence-Based Models

Care4 first started in 2015, born out of an idea of creating an open-source platform for evidence-based models. Up until this time, therapeutic care systems, including measurement systems, developed proprietary software directly around their own needs. In cooperation with Functional Family Therapy, Care4 developed a system of dynamic form creation and data collection. Work expanded quickly. It wasn’t enough to just capture form data. Care4 grew into a full data-management system known for its extensibility in capturing all sorts of data around common services.

Our client base expanded, and care agencies and grant projects then came to represent a significant part of our user base. But the mandate remained the same, and each institution wanted the flexibility to capture data around its own determinants, make data-informed decisions, and then provide timely feedback to its users. But data collection proved not to be the industry's only challenge. The real challenge turned out to be the siloed nature of the health and human services industry. Though evidence-based therapeutic models showed improved outcomes, the data they required lived outside of the agency.    Using an evidence-based practice (EBP) meant working in someone else's data collection system. It was likened to having to buy a new phone each time you wanted to run a different app.  

What the industry needed was a marketplace. Care4 stands to be the first of its kind, a marketplace for EBPs and artificial intelligence-informed therapeutic evaluation tools.

Open Source for Evidence-Based Models-1

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