Foster Care & Adoption

Care4 Software provides foster care agencies with the essential case management tools to allow social services providers to spend less time on paperwork and more quality time with children and families.

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Tailored Solutions: Customizable Case Management for Foster Care

23Task and Activity Tracking 

Care4 tracks tasks, incidents, and client activities. Case managers schedule appointments, record interactions, and set reminders, ensuring timely support without overlooking critical tasks.

24Client Feedback and Engagement

Care4 features tools for gathering client feedback and assessing engagement with the program. This data helps refine program delivery, ensuring it remains client-centered.

14Compliance and Tools to Inform the Work

Care4 ensures adherence to best practices in behavioral and mental health care through customizable checklists and metrics, promoting evidence-informed practices.

Care4 IconsCommunication and Collaboration

Care4 facilitates seamless communication and collaboration among case managers, children, and families through messaging tools and secure portals. This promotes client engagement and transparency.

11Relationship Based Person Profiles

Access files, review critical information, monitor progress, and evaluate services, incidents, and relationships to gain a comprehensive understanding of a person's history.

3Integration with External System

Integrates with external systems such as electronic health records (EHR), APIs, and education databases to provide a holistic view of a child's well-being, improving efficiency and collaboration.


Elevating Fidelity: A Child-Centric Approach to Foster Care Management


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